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We're TODAQ.

TODAQ is powered by both the TODA Protocol decentralized technology and its own business solutions whose technology sits on top of TODA.
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TODAQ Technology
TDN Global Loyalty Program
TODAQ Technology
The TODA Protocol offers:
A fully decentralized, distributed, digital asset ownership and settlement system that can scale to billions of users

Millions of transactions per second capacity

Near zero cost peer-to-peer transactions with settlement times of under 30 seconds

One and two-way atomic transactions disintermediate escrow, trade finance and reconciliation services
12 reasons why the TODA Protocol matters.

Securely harness power of the TODA Protocol with TaaS Platform
Our Insight
Legacy Information and financial systems have ownership management and transaction efficiency shortfalls that worsen as users and data multiply.

The opportunity is global in scope:

1 billion GB of daily data growth

$3 trillion global data market

2 billion people unbanked

$4 trillion Credit gap for SMEs

Blockchains have not yet harnessed the power of decentralization to solve these challenges.


The TODAQ advantage.

TODAQ harnesses the power of public, open decentralization in an easy plug and play form forenterprises, providing them:

Data security

Efficiency through disintermediating intermediary fees and effort

Assured data quality from raw commodity to the end consumer for ERP, AI and management systems

Frictionless global interoperability with customers, supply chain and partners

The TDN Global
Loyalty Program.
Join the world’s first open and decentralized global loyalty program and gain access to the USD backstopped TODA Note (TDN)™ stewarded by the Strategic TODA Note Asset Reserve (STAR) Program™.

The Toda Note is a USD-backstopped digital note

− Accelerate commerce and industry

− Complement existing fiat currencies

− Be put directly on the Toda Protocol

Due to the TODA Protocol's efficiency, TDN is not needed to settle or reach consensus on protocol-based transactions of other TODA based digital assets. TDN can be used like money and will have a market driven exchange rate.

There will be a total supply of 237 TODA Notes (137,438,953,472)

With a distribution period of about 10 years to place the entire supply into the global market. Any node or low power device taking part in distributed consensus or settlement work can also have a very small probability of generating a net new TDN so that there is a slow but capped inflation of the overall TDN supply over time.

The TDN target

− Individuals, businesses and organizations that are building solutions and conducting real economy transactions on the TODA protocol

− ~75% of the TDN supply will be directed towards this target market- ~15% is set aside to build the underlying asset reserve backstop through private placement

− 10% of the TDN supply is set aside for founding shareholders as TODAQ is responsible to distribute a significant quantity of TDN into the global market

For small businesses and individuals

TDN wallets will also be available for download to mobile devices from app stores in Q2 2019, which on activation can also receive TDN direct distribution.

− IOS wallet coming soon in Q2!

− Android wallet coming soon in Q2!