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Our Vision

Liquidity & a Frictionless Mobile Marketplace

Our Vision


Two opportunities before us: 

The World Bank has identified $2.6 Trillion credit gap globally for small & medium enterprises, and 2 billion globally unbankedwith potential to join the economy.  Both need liquidity to fuel growth and a financial system that is faster and more efficient.


The current financial system...

Existing financial system has liquidity and transaction friction challenges.  Legacy fiat currency-based financial systems are overly centralized, slow, expensive and do not reach enough companies and people.  Current blockchain solutions do not fill this gap.

Blockchain-powered, asset-backed digital currency & marketplace

TODAQ Financial is launching a USD-backed digital currency enabled by Toda blockchain protocol. It is architected to drive economic growth and development, can be readily integrated with financial regulatory structure, and provides liquidity and decentralization to the knowledge economy and the globally unbanked.