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for business.

We serve clients across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
Our initial project and contracting markets include Canada, Cayman, UK, UAE, Thailand, and South Korea. Our services cover the folowing:
Transportation & Shipping
Telecom & Digital media
Consumer goods & Services
Banking & Insurance
Smart Cities
What we offer businesses:
Cost savings by removing intermediary fees:
Transaction, escrow, trade finance, reconciliation and back office fees, as well as overhead costs to manage business operations and payment leakages.
Accelerated speed of business:
Settle transactions and peer-to-peer asset ownerships across borders in under one minute.
Auditability and traceability:
Of all holdings and movement of assets through internal business divisions, and supply and distribution chains.
Cross-ecosystem interoperability:
Frictionless ability for counterparties to transact with recognized ownership and disposition of assets.
All TODAQ solutions are built on the TODA-as-a-Service (TaaS)™ Platform which puts the power of decentralization in the hands of businesses.
Enterprise Supply Chain
A one-stop, supply-chain-solutions platform for enterprises looking to provide trust, security, efficiency and interoperability to all of their cross-border supply chain and money flows. This solutions platform offers a built in end-to-end asset generator and lifecycle manager with a co-managed digital asset factory, ERP and AI integration, and integrated banking services portal.
Enterprise B2C
This solutions platform is for consumer-facing businesses like retail, loyalty plans, sharing economies, hospitality, ticketing and event management, e-gaming and digital media. It can remove intermediary costs, filter out false data, and improve customer and brand through frictionless interoperability of data.
Grow deposits and market share by integrating into the TaaS platform and adding enterprise, SME and retail customers.
Identity Management
Safe and self-sovereign identity management for enterprises and bank clients to handle identity management for consumers, clients, and internal staff.
SME & Individuals
Mobile P2P wallets to earn, own and transact the USD backstopped TODA Note (TDN) – coming soon.
Smart Cities
Coming soon!
Use Cases & Best Practices
Enterprise B2C for Sharing Economy, South Korea – in progress.
Contracted with one of the mobile and payment solutions market leaders, to put the assets and transactions on TaaS for thousands of urban residents in sharing economy communities.
Enterprise Supply Chain for Oil & Gas, Europe & Middle East – in progress.
Cross border supply chain project that transports inventory from European supply chains to refinery facilities in the Middle East with payments also placed on TaaS.
Upcoming at TODAQ
Reach 10 million user mobile device nodes.
In Progress
Enterprise Supply Chain, Mining, Africa & Europe
In Progress
Pharmaceuticals, India & Africa
Smart City Health, Caribbean
In Progress
Education, Europe & Asia
Banking, Europe, Middle East & Asia
In Progress
Retail, Southeast Asia
In Progress
TODA & TDN Wallet-enabled Mobile Device Distribution, Asia
Sports & Media, Eastern Europe