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April 24, 2018
TODAQ Financial reached an exciting milestone: executing the platform’s very first commercial transaction.
Hassan Khan, CEO of TODAQ Financial, treated his mother to a luxury manicure in Toronto, paying for the transaction instantly using only TDN while en route to Seoul, Korea.
This simple transaction is a precursor to the multiple industrial and commercial partnerships across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe that will be rolling out over the coming months spanning the healthcare, education, energy, cleantech and financial services sectors.
125 billion backstopped Toda Notes (TDN) are the first digital assets on the TODAQ marketplace. The TDN supply is distributed with transparent rules by a trust which also manages the TDN asset reserve, creating the opportunity for merchants to become market-makers. The TDN was designed to enable frictionless commerce for all.

April 2018
TODAQ at BlockHack by The BlockchainHub and Bitcoin Bay Corp at York University.  Speakers include TODAQ CEO Hassan Khan and TODA Protocol Co-authors Toufi Saliba and Dann Toliver

April 2018
TODAQ to receive the first generated pilot TODA Notes, the first digital asset on the TODA Blockchain, for distribution and use in its first commercial test markets

April 2018
StartUp HERE Toronto covers TODAQ's official commercial launch announcement and world’s first working version of a mobile-only, completely decentralized and distributed blockchain-based marketplace that would support private and secure digital asset ownership and peer-to-peer mobile transactions

April 2018
CoinReport covers TODAQ’s official commercial launch announcement

April 2018
TODAQ Financial is proud to co-sponsor International Toda Day and the AI-Decentralised conference, which being hosted at the iconic Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto on 21-22 May. It will feature speakers including Turing Award winner Silvio Micali, Nobel Peace prize winner Irakli Beridze, and  Chair of the Board of TODAQ Wonki Min among many others including Hassan Khan, Toufi Saliba, Dann Toliver and Adam Gravitis of TODAQ

April 2018
The MIDAS Letter talks to TODAQ Financial about their upcoming launch

March 2018
Betakit covers TODAQ’s official commercial launch announcement and upcoming historic first peer-to-peer, blockchain powered commercial transaction over mobile devices

March 2018
TODAQ is pleased to announce that Wonki Min, former Chair of the UN ITU Council, will be assuming the Chair role of TODAQ Financial and TODAQ Global Solutions

February 2018
TODAQ announces strategic Korean partnership and upcoming establishment of TODAQ Global Solutions which will create decemtralized business solutions for enterprise

February 2018
TODAQ is proud to become a VentureSouq portfolio company as it completes its seed round financing and raises $2 million in external financing

January 2018
TODAQ marks six months of successful testing and expansion of the TODA Blockchain implementation, with peer-to-peer frictionless transactions using just mobile devices between Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, London, New York and Toronto.  Transaction execution was near instantaneous and final settlement achieved on-chain in under a minute at less than 0.1% cost

December 2017
TODAQ looks east and builds new partnerships in Europe, the Middle East, ASEAN and APAC to reach the 3 billion plus financially underserved

Toufi shaking hands.jpg
June 21, 2017
Toda Protocol and the United Nations ITU in Geneva, on the road to becoming an international ITU-T standard, a global blockchain first!


May 10, 2017

Toda Protocol's Toufi Saliba at The Financial Services Roundtable: Blockchain & the Future of Financial Services

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