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Toda Blockchain Protocol

Distributed Ledger Technology with Efficiency & Scalability

Toda Protocol

Toda Protocol is the only second generation, fully decentralized, distributed blockchain to be able to scale to billions of people, handle millions of transactions a second, at an efficiency of 0.1% cost per transaction and a clearing & settlement time of under a minute.  This performance outstrips existing currency and payment systems by more than order of magnitude and has been designed to provide privacy and security, prevent capital leakage, and enhance regulatory stewardship. 

Just like TCP/IP, Toda protocol is secure and private by design layer-zero for blockchains to scale indefinitely in a decentralized setting using purely distributed computing techniques allowing it to be over 99% more efficient.  Upon release of Toda Note (TDN), the decentralized and distributed TODA blockchain protocol will become open source in 2018, allowing any entity to build their own TODA powered solutions, services and technology stack.

In the long-term, the Toda blockchain provides jurisdictions a route to using distributed ledger technology to underpin their own currency transactions as well as other mediums of value exchange covering energy, property, civic services and smart cities.  


A Joint venture between Toda, the world’s top elite thought leaders in AI and Blockchain such as Silvio Micali the author of Algorand and Turing Award Winner.