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Our Solution

TODAQ Financial is launching a USD-backed digital currency Toda Note (TDN) enabled by Toda protocol - the only second-generation, fully decentralized, distributed blockchain to be able to scale to billions of people, handle millions of transactions per second, at an efficiency of 0.1% cost per transaction and a clearing & settlement time of under a minute. 

Toda Note (TDN) is designed to be the digital currency of choice for small & medium enterprises and the globally unbanked.  Its distribution strategy drives economic growth and financial inclusion while ensuring regulatory compliance.  It  can be readily integrated with financial regulatory structure and provides liquidity and decentralization to the knowledge economy and the unbanked globally. 

In the long term, the Toda Blockchchain provides jurisdictions a route to using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to underpin their own currency transactions as well as other mediums of value exchange covering energy, property, civic services and smart cities.